Our Story

HISTORY:  One Fire Movement was founded in 2009. One Fire is a grassroots organization that was started with the hopes of uniting people and sharing positivity through the arts. Our goal has always been to create projects of peace and love while supporting a number of amazing charitable organizations. One Fire works with a number of local and international artists from Musicians, Songwriters, Photographers, Producers, Visual Artists to spread the message of global peace and unity: Our mantra and message is simple - We are One.  



VISION: One Fire Movement is an organization with the vision of helping bring more peace to our world through the arts. We are interested in helping motivate and inspire change through music, art and sharing the message of We Are One. One Fire truly has become a global community of compassionate people coming together to make a difference and “be the change”.

MISION: One Fire’s mission is to be a fundamental part of a global shift based on Peace, Freedom and Love for all humanity. No walls, no barriers, no hate! We are all the same and come from the same universal origins. One Fire Clothing is a positive apparel company that donates proceeds from every sale to important non profit organizations all around the world. The purchase of every item we sell helps support these amazing organizations.

PHILOSOPHY: One Fire’s philosophy is that We are One. Love is the Revolution…love is the only way.  The flame inside the heart is our logo, and symbolizes the divine spark that lives in all of our hearts. This flame is our connection to us all and our connection to the universe.


We Are One !


Giving Back – Our mission is to create and manufacture positive apparel to help inspire the world. By partnering with our friends from organizations such as Amnesty International, War Child & Nellie's Shelter we seek to expand One Fire clothing across the world and share the message of We Are One. Every single generous purchase helps send love back to these amazing organizations, and helps us to create more Projects of Peace. One Fire Movement is proud to be a strong supporter of local women’s and homeless shelters in the community.



One Fire Movement